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until Alive 2 Life!

15th September 2012


Most of the speakers at the conference are already very popular and well known specialists with solid reputations and gravitas. These authorities from a number of fields come together under one roof at Alive 2 Life to present information that is not readily available from books, magazines or the internet. These experts will provide answers and share their own unique insights into overcoming some of the difficulties we face in healthy living.  

Learn more about our speakers here:

  • Anne-France Rix
    Learn more about our nutrition speaker Anne-France Rix from the Food Doctor Clinic
  • Claire Beegan
    Learn more about our wellbeing expert Claire Beegan
  • Errol Douglas
    Learn more about Errol Douglas an award winning celebrity hair stylist
  • Glenn Lyons
    Learn more about Glenn Lyons an expert trichologist from the world famous Philip Kingsley clinic
  • Lucy O'Brien
    Learn more about Lucy O'Brien a skin care specialist
  • Daniel Browne
    Learn more about Daniel Brown our motivational speaker
  • Marlon Lyon Forde
    Learn more about Marlon personal fitness instructor