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15th September 2012


How to Re-energise Your Life  

Do you wish you had more energy so that you could enjoy life more? Do you have good intentions to look after yourself but get caught up in the busy-ness of life? 

It’s easy to be constantly rushing around doing things. Our work life is busy, our social life is busy, even our relaxation time can get full of things we think we “should” be doing. 

The consequence of this is that we can find ourselves "running on empty". You wouldn't expect your body to survive without food, so why do we expect our energy resources to survive without being recharged? 

It’s when we take a pause to nourish and restore ourselves, that we find the resources we need to be of our best in the world. 

Here are my top three tips for re-energising your life: 

Take time out for yourself 

Find some time in your day that is just for you. It may be as little as 5 minutes, the important thing is that you devote that time just to yourself. 

You could read a favourite magazine, drink a lovely cuppa, meditate or sit in the warmth of a sunbeam. Anything that restores you and makes you feel good. 

If you find it hard to put your own needs before the needs of others, then remember the safety instructions on an airplane. Always put your own oxygen mask on first – then help others! 

Do something you have never done before 

When we’re busy we can often get stuck in the same old routines. Perhaps there’s an activity or hobby or that you’ve always wanted to try but you never seem to get round it. There is always so much other stuff going on.  

When we break out of our usual routine and take the initiative to do something new, we experience greater energy and aliveness! 

So try a dance class, public speaking, a bungee jump, or wear that amazing dress that you bought for a special occasion when you go out shopping! Anything that gives you a break from the norm and creates a sense of excitement and thrill! 

 Develop an Attitude of Gratitude 

Expressing gratitude is much more than a polite “thank you”. Gratitude completely shifts our energy from a negative perspective (what we don’t have) to a positive one (on what is going well for us). 

Try keeping a Gratitude Diary. Each evening as you go to bed, write a minimum of 3 things that you are grateful for that day. The simple act of noticing the “good stuff” in our lives can make a powerful impact on our feelings and state of mind. 

Each of these activities encourages energy to flow. Why not try doing each one for a week and see what happens? Before you know it, you’ll have so much energy and you’ll be doing all three and loving them! 

During my session at the Alive2Life event I’ll be sharing more energy strategies and techniques with you. Look forward to seeing you there!!! 


by Claire Beegan - Wellbeing Expert