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until Alive 2 Life!

15th September 2012

About Us

This is a dedicated website for the Alive 2 Life conference hosted by Black and Brown.

Our motivation for organising this event stems from feedback received from our customers, family and friends. A common situation that we come across is that of people wanting to live a more healthy lifestyle but don't quite know how because the information, despite the fact that we are living in the information age, isn't readily available.

We aim to save you the effort, confusion, time and money that would be required to trawl through countless pages of articles in magazines, books and the internet. The conference brings together experts from various fields including: nutrition, trichology and skin care to present information, product demonstrations and workshops about how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

About Black & Brown

Black and Brown is an online retail and distribution company of natural hair & skin care, wellbeing and home care products and accessories. 


Our philosophy of only supplying natural products was borne out of the needs of one of our founders, Stephanie Jarrett, who suffered a medical crisis in 2008. This life changing episode had a huge impact on her day to day activities. After recovering from the ravages of the worst aspects of this ordeal she found herself still having to cope with a number of residual issues, one of which was hyper-sensitivity to many everyday products that most people would find perfectly normal.

This led us on a quest to find products that would be suitable for Stephanie and we work on the principle that if it is right for Stephanie, it will be fine for most other people.  Our objective in setting up Black and Brown is to help people live a natural holistic lifestyle. By that we mean we are concerned with the whole person, not just their hair or skin but also what they eat and the surroundings in which they live. 

We do the research to ensure that all of the products we carry in our store are free of harmful ingredients which means you can shop with confidence, knowing that whatever you buy from us will be suitable for anyone who cares about what they use on their body or consume in their food. 

We source products from all over the world that have been made with natural and organic ingredients and make them available on our website at

We supply products for men, women, children & babies and serve customers from all over the UK & Europe and worldwide.