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15th September 2012


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Alive 2 Life Conference  

15th September 2012

The Alive 2 Life conference, hosted by Black and Brown, is an event celebrating natural living. Some of the best practitioners in their fields will come together under one roof to give us the benefit of their collective wisdom on a range of topics ranging from hair care to managing stress 

Who Should Attend

For those of us who want to live “healthy”, this event will provide the opportunity to hearsamsung camera renowned speakers who have made it their life’s work to develop solutions to some of the toughest challenges we face living in today’s society.

We aim to bring together people from all over the UK who are interested in their wellbeing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The conference is aimed at people who are aware of environmental issues and the problems associated with additives in foods, and hair, skin & home care products. 

There will be presentations, product demonstrations and workshops on a variety of topics such as hair care, skin care, nutrition & health supplements, exercise, stress management and much more.

You will also have the opportunity to speak to the experts and purchase products from Black and Brown, our sponsors and a small number of selected partners.

Whatever your interest we aim to motivate you to be healthier and happier






Everyone has their favourite foods and sometimes these are not good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is obvious but at times we tend to overlook the fact that everything we eat leaves a “residue” on how we look, how we feel (both mentally and spiritually) and how others perceive us. Nutrition is an area of huge interest; at the conference the nutritionist will explore some of the links between diet and health, focusing on some of the high profile issues that we face in the UK today.


Many of us do not appreciate the links between healthy hair and skin and diet. In this seminar you will hear ideas and tips to change the way you look. For those who want to follow a healthy diet but have to be careful with their budget, we look at low cost recipes which provide all of the nutrition you need.


Most of us are taking or have taken health supplements at some time in our lives in order to increase our vitamin intake or simply to boost our energy levels. We will explore the impact this has on our health.       



Perhaps one of the nicest compliments you will ever receive is to be told you have lovely skin. Although your inherited genes may give you a certain advantage in managing the signs of aging, we can all benefit from understanding how our skin is impacted by the environment & our habits and what we can do to lessen these effects.


A skin care specialist will present information which you can use as part of your daily cleansing routine.



On a scale of 1 to 10 how important is your hair to you? Most women (and increasingly men) would say 10. But what can you do to grow beautiful hair and how can you maintain hair health? These are some of the questions we struggle with at times. We spend hours, not to mention money, trawling through tons of information from magazines, books and the internet to find some simple answers to these anxieties.


At the Alive 2 Life conference these and other issues relating to hair loss, scalp problems and treatment for damage caused by the use of chemical processes will be discussed by an expert trichotherapist.


A group of bloggers/vloggers, who have reviewed a number of brands including products from the Original Moxie (one of our sponsors) range, will form a panel to answer your questions and give you tips about caring for your hair, whatever your hair type.


Bad hair days could be a thing of the past!   



If only we could achieve peak health & fitness and stay at that level! There would be no need for relaxation and massage therapists, stress management gurus or any of the other people who have dedicated their lives to making us feel better. Physiological, mental and emotional pressure sometimes gets to us causing us to lose that craved for balance in life.

At the conference a professional wellbeing practitioner will explore some of the factors that interfere with our body’s equilibrium and present information & ideas for relieving stress and toning the mind & body.


Everybody wants to feel confident, motivated and invigorated. The conference will close with a presentation from motivational speaker who will inspire you to take action and put in practise all that you have learned on the day.


The conference will be held at the De Vere Venue - Canary Wharf. It starts at 9.30am for registration and ends around 6.00pm.


Canary Wharf, 1 Westferry Circus, London, E14 4HD

Book online to receive a complimentary goody bag on arrival.

There will also be some very exciting and valuable “give aways” on the day. 


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are no longer selling our standard tickets priced at £34 which included food.  Discount codes based on the standard ticket price therefore are no longer applicable.  Basic tickets are now £15 and do not include a meal.